Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors 

Priscilla Gresens (Madison)

My name is Priscilla Gresens.  I earned my bachelor’s in Education in 2003 from Edgewood College.  I have always enjoyed helping children.  However, I did not get my passion until 2017 when my then 8-year-old brother was diagnosed with dyslexia.  in helping him get past the struggles, I have found a way to help children.  I am earned my master’s in education in 2020, with an emphasis on literacy from Augustana University.  I am working as a dyslexia tutor and enjoying helping children with dyslexia learn to read.


SteinkeKelly Steinke M.A. Ed., NBCT (Appleton)
Past President

Kelly Steinke grew up in the Milwaukee area, where she started her career as a special education teacher.  She taught special education, primarily to students with learning disabilities, for almost 20 years in the Midwest, East Coast, and Pacific Northwest. Kelly learned about dyslexia through the advocacy of one of her students.  Because of this, she realized that dyslexia was the reason her twin daughters were struggling in school.  Learning about dyslexia was a turning point.  Kelly pursued training and certification in dyslexia screening and teaching methods so that she could help her daughters and her students using Structured Literacy based approaches. Kelly is passionate about helping students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling.  Kelly is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Exceptional Needs and holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in Education (Administration & Leadership/Director of Spec. Ed.)  Six years ago Kelly founded her company, READ Learning Educational Services, LLC.   She is now a full-time business owner.  Her reading clinic is located in Appleton, WI.  In this capacity, she serves the community as a dyslexia and learning specialist. Her professional offerings and advocacy work include free monthly speaking engagements, one-on-one reading and spelling interventions (tutoring), educational consultations, courses on executive functioning skills, Silver Moon Spelling Rules Curriculum and professional development courses for parents and teachers.


Michele Raasch (Kronewetter)
Past President

I am Michele Raasch.  I have a son who is dyslexic and also my brother is dyslexic. I grew up watching my brother struggle and persevere.  I have been trained as an OG tutor by Marcia Henry when I began seeking ways to help my son learn to read. I realized early on that my son was not going to receive the reading instruction he needed at his school.  I went through training to become certified in Wilson Reading System level 1.  I have received my Masters in Reading Science from Mount Saint Joseph University.  This program has been acknowledged by the IDA as it meets the standards for teachers of reading.  I teach second grade and bring my learning into my teaching practice.  I spend time during the summer and in the evenings during the school year tutoring children who struggle with reading.  I would like to see the level of learning I received in my master’s program become the standard for all of those who are entering the teaching profession.  I want there to be high standards kept for teachers and want to educate others on methods to use in the area of reading. I want to dispell the myths that surround dyslexia and educate others about how to instruct our learners who are dyslexic.

Carrie Begalke, MS, CCC-SLP, CALP (Oconomowoc)

Carrie Begalke, M.S. CCC-SLP, has worked as a speech-language pathologist for 25+ years serving children with language and literacy difficulties.  She has worked for 23 years in the public schools and also tutors students privately.  She became certified as an Academic Language Practitioner in 2016 and as a Dyslexia Interventionist through the International Dyslexia Association in 2017.  She has a strong interest in the link between language and literacy and knows that reading is the basis for a student’s success.  She promotes research-based reading methods and strives to be a resource for others in learning these methods.  Carrie is looking forward to serving on the WIBIDA board.  She is married and has two adult daughters as well as a cocker spaniel and a golden retriever.  Carrie enjoys reading, running, boating, and traveling in her spare time.

Christine Sorge (Marathon)

Christine Sorge is currently a reading teacher and has been passionate about helping kids learn to read since she began her teaching career in 2001.  Christine has taught students in grades pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade in Wisconsin. Christine is currently working on her Wilson Level I certification.  She is also working to raise awareness of Dyslexia within her school and community

KlemLoucricia Carson (Milwaukee)

Loucricia Carson is a wife, mother to a 3 year old boy and loves to spend family time singing songs of praise around the piano. Her small family often times creates music together that encourages many people and makes the heart smile. Loucricia is a Milwaukee native who graduated from Wauwatosa East High School. She is also a Marquette University Alumni and soon to complete a Master’s Degree at UW-Milwaukee in Early Childhood Special Education with an emphasis in Assistive Technology. She has spent several years teaching and tutoring in a variety of settings, and has recently embraced the opportunity to help empower hundreds of teachers, students and families. Her current endeavors include planning and implementing Professional Development sessions, providing both large and small group or 1:1 support to students, educators and other support staff. She has a passion for working with individuals living with special needs such as Autism and Learning Disabilities. Loucricia welcomes opportunities to collaborate in initiatives to increase awareness about both Dyslexia and Autism. Overall Loucricia is a humble person that will do what she can, often times going above and beyond to help others reach a breakthrough in their life to become successful, despite the obstacles.

Jess Schwoerer (Madison)

Jess Schwoerer has two children, one with dyslexia and one with a phonology disorder.  With the help of amazing tutors using Orton-Gillingham, her son with dyslexia has grown from a frustrated, avoidant reader to an excited, voracious reader about to start Lord of the Rings.  Jess joins IDA-WI to help bring awareness to dyslexia.  She is also interested in making sure there are resources of diagnosis and educational interventions for individuals with dyslexia and their family.  Jess graduated from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and train in pediatrics/medical genetics.

Nicole Schubert (Suamico)

Nicole Schubert has been in the field of education in Wisconsin for the last fifteen years, having taught at both the primary and secondary levels in Fond du Lac County and the past three years as a special education administrator in Green Bay Area Public Schools. During her career, she has been a passionate proponent of equitable education through effective staff collaboration and the implementation of high quality universal instruction with multiple levels of interventions, as she has a strong curriculum and instruction knowledge base. She has firm neurological equity beliefs that all people are born neurodiverse and there is no average; therefore, all students can learn and grow through effective identity based instruction. She sees herself as an advocate and views educational reform through a human lens, which guides her work to best serve the families of Green Bay. Nicole always strives to be on the cutting edge of continuous improvement in public schools for those marginalized, which she does through setting high expectations for equity in education and staying in touch with current research. She is a member of the IDA Wisconsin Branch Board and hopes to bring awareness to dyslexia and teaching others how neurodiversity is a gift, not a disability.

Dara Atandare (Milwaukee)

A Milwaukee Native, Dara Atandare has worked in public education for 27 years. She is an advocate of high-quality educational experiences for students and families who are traditionally underrepresented or marginalized. She views her work in education as vocational and is humbled to have discovered her life’s purpose early on. Dara began her career in the Milwaukee Public School District where she worked for 25 years and is currently beginning her 3rd year with the Green Bay Area School District. Dara is certified in 6-12 with an emphasis on EBD and SLD. She holds licenses for Principal and Director of Special Education and Pupil Services. She is ABD with a concentration in culturally responsive teaching. Dara aims to empower others to unleash the potential they have within and to realize their dreams. Her belief is that through education specifically Reading, students served can receive the critical skill set needed to navigate the terrain of society empowered to make purposeful meaningful choices and decisions. She is married with two adult children and 1 grandchild.


Dr. Catherine Reuter, Pediatrician (Medford)

Dr. Catherine Reuter, MD is a Pediatrics Specialist. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Essentia Health St. Mary’s Hospital-Superior and Aspirus Medford Hospital.


Dr. Dorothy Morrison (Danbury)

  • Educational Psychologist, Ph.D.
  • Director, Ohio State University Reading Clinic (ret.)
  • Certified Dyslexia Specialist
  • Certified Master Trainer, Orton Gillingham International, IL
  • Founder, Eagle Point Education Consulting
  • Part-time Interventionist, Webster Middle School
  • A published researcher and editor

Kelly Kuenzie (Madison)

Kelly Kuenzie is the current Center Director of the Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison. A Milwaukee native and graduate from Winona State University, she started training and tutoring in 2002 at the Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison. She is an accredited MSLE advanced trainer and an I-CALP and has taught public school teachers for five years. Her journey as a tutor, trainer, and director has had her self-identify as a person with dyslexia, supported by many generations of relatives who have come forward to share their stories of dyslexia. She seeks to empower our Wisconsin Teaching Community with the knowledge of the structure of language, depth of understanding, and skills to teach even the most challenged to read and succeed.

Dana Kay Brenner, CALT-QI

Dana Kay Brenner has dyslexia and all 3 of her boys do as well. She has worked to become an Academic Language Therapist and has finished her Qualified Instructor certification. She is now in private practice and works with children online from all over the US. She enjoys helping families and communities build awareness and giving them resources.

Dr. Anika Paaren-Sdano

Dr. Paaren-Sdano is a classroom educator, teacher educator, professional learning provider, and coach. She is certified in Orton-Gillingham at the Associate Level and has spent the past several years developing effective and supportive coaching relationships with teachers across disciplines, using school and student achievement data to open conversations on evolving instructional practices in the area of literacy. Dr. Paaren-Sdano earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, and a B.A. in Psychology.

Legislative Committee

  • Dr. Dorothy Morrison

Membership & Communications Committee

  • Open

Conference & Education Committee

  • Loucricia Carson,Co-Chair
  • Dara Atadare, Co-Chair
  • Dana Kay Brenner

Resource & Referral Committee

  • Christine Sorge
  • Nicole Schubert
  • Dr. Catherine Reuter

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Carrie Begalke, Chair

Fundraising Committee

  • Dara Atandare, C0-Chair
  • Priscilla Gresens, Co-Chair

Nominating Committee

  • Dana Kay Brenner, Chair
  • Dr. Jessica Schwoerer

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