Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

We currently have three vacancies on the Board of Directors.  If you or someone you know is interested in joining the board, please contact a current board member or submit an application online.

2019 Board of Directors 


Ann Malone M.S., I-CALP (Madison)

Ann Malone is a past Director and is currently a semi-retired Associate Director of Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison. She is certified as an Orton Gillingham Advanced Tutor and as a Supervisor/Instuctor of Tutors. Prior to learning the Orton Gillingham Method of multi-sensory phonics instruction, Ann was a Speech and Language Pathologist and worked in the public schools for 13 years. Her degrees in Communicative Disorders are from the University of Madison and Whitewater, WI. She is also a Certified Academic Language Practitioner (iCALP) through the Academic Language Therapy Association. Ann has attended three national IDA conferences and was a presenter at the IDA – WI conference in 2014. In her community and surrounding area, she has given talks focused on raising the public awareness of dyslexia. As Associate Director of Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison, Ann is currently heading up a Pilot Teacher Training Program with a select group of public school teachers who are learning the Orton-Gillingham method. Her interests are in the areas of legislative action and action within school systems to promote the use of the Orton Gillingham method in our schools. Ann is also interested in promoting legislation or actions which will improve teachers’ core knowledge of both reading remediation and in-depth knowledge of the English language at the University level.

Michele Raasch (Kronewetter)
Co/Vice President

I am Michele Raasch.  I have a son who is dyslexic and also my brother is dyslexic. I grew up watching my brother struggle and persevere.  I have been trained as an OG tutor by Marcia Henry when I began seeking ways to help my son learn to read. I realized early on that my son was not going to receive the reading instruction he needed at his school.  I went through training to become certified in Wilson Reading System level 1.  I have received my Masters in Reading Science from Mount Saint Joseph University.  This program has been acknowledged by the IDA as it meets the standards for teachers of reading.  I teach second grade and bring my learning into my teaching practice.  I spend time during the summer and in the evenings during the school year tutoring children who struggle with reading.  I would like to see the level of learning I received in my master’s program become the standard for all of those who are entering the teaching profession.  I want there to be high standards kept for teachers and want to educate others on methods to use in the area of reading. I want to dispell the myths that surround dyslexia and educate others about how to instruct our learners who are dyslexic.

 Dr. Tammy Tillotson, I-CALP (Chippewa Falls)
   Past President

Tammy Tillotson is, first and foremost, a parent of a son and wife to a husband who have dyslexia. As a longtime member of IDA Wisconsin Branch, she joined the Board of Directors in an effort to raise awareness of issues surrounding dyslexia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing, a Master’s Degree in Family Studies and Human Development, an Advanced Education Specialist Degree in Career and Technical Professional Education, and has recently completed her Doctoral Degree. Tammy originally became an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor to assist her son and other children who are challenged with dyslexia and is now the Center Director of the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin and a consultant for school districts across the state. Her background and experience in directing nonprofit organizations, coordinating advocacy campaigns, and providing high quality training and professional development lends itself to the goals and activities of IDA Wisconsin Branch. Her primary objectives as President of the IDA Wisconsin Branch are to continue the momentum in raising awareness about dyslexia, create opportunities to expand training and education, and to build resources for parents and professionals in Wisconsin that can better support our children.

Kimberly Chan (Madison)

A tutor at the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Madison and advocate of dyslexia awareness, Kimberly Chan is dedicated and passionate about helping others to be successful. As a student herself, Kimberly understands the time and effort that goes in to learning and is interested in empowering others to learn.

Mary Brod, CALP, MAT (Madison)

Mary Brod is a tutor, supervisor, and an associate director at the Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison.  She has a degree in Secondary Education, and was a volunteer in literacy councils in the Chicago, Waukesha, and Dane County areas before training at the Madison Center, receiving her Orton-Gillingham certification and CALP (Certified Academic Language Practitioner) in 2014.  Prior to her training, she had a home-based indexing business, and also worked in museum education.  She is dedicated to guiding students toward their potential through the OG program, and delights in watching them gain confidence as they progress.  She would also like work to promote the same methods in the public schools – and in teacher-training programs.


Libby Wallace (Menomonie)

Libby Wallace is a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) through ALTA and holds a Wisconsin Teaching License.  She is an Orton Gillingham IMSLEC Accredited Reading Tutor trained through the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin (A Scottish Rite Masonic Charity).  With over 1,200 hours of tutoring experience,  Libby has tutored over twenty boys and girls age 8 through 16.  She is active in her community.  Through the Literacy Volunteers she has tutored adults in all areas of vocation.  She has tutored an adult female in math, which helped her get her GED.  Libby also tutored an adult in reading, and worked in the jail with male and female students in all areas.  Libby has experience both serving on and working with boards of various community organizations.  She served as president for a local community board.  Libby was a volunteer tax aid for the state of Wisconsin, through a community outreach program (AARP).  Currently, she serves on the IDA Wisconsin Branch Board as Director and Nominating Committee Chair.  Libby is active in Boy Scouts.  She is in the process of writing a resource for tutors, teachers, and parents.  Although her resource is geared toward how dyslexic learn best, it can be used as a powerful resource for anyone.

KlemLoucricia Carson (Milwaukee)                                                                                                                      Director

Loucricia Carson is a wife, mother to a 3 year old boy and loves to spend family time singing songs of praise around the piano. Her small family often times creates music together that encourages many people and makes the heart smile. Loucricia is a Milwaukee native who graduated from Wauwatosa East High School. She is also a Marquette University Alumni and soon to complete a Master’s Degree at UW-Milwaukee in Early Childhood Special Education with an emphasis in Assistive Technology. She has spent several years teaching and tutoring in a variety of settings, and has recently embraced the opportunity to help empower hundreds of teachers, students and families. Her current endeavors include planning and implementing Professional Development sessions, providing both large and small group or 1:1 support to students, educators and other support staff. She has a passion for working with individuals living with special needs such as Autism and Learning Disabilities. Loucricia welcomes opportunities to collaborate in initiatives to increase awareness about both Dyslexia and Autism. Overall Loucricia is a humble person that will do what she can, often times going above and beyond to help others reach a breakthrough in their life to become successful, despite the obstacles.

0.png Jess Schwoerer (Madison)

Jess Schwoerer has two children, one with dyslexia and one with a phonology disorder.  With the help of amazing tutors using Orton-Gillingham, her son with dyslexia has grown from a frustrated, avoidant reader to an excited, voracious reader about to start Lord of the Rings.  Jess joins IDA-WI to help bring awareness to dyslexia.  She is also interested in making sure there are resources of diagnosis and educational interventions for individuals with dyslexia and their family.  Jess graduated from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and train in pediatrics/medical genetics. .

Nicole Schubert (Suamico)

Nicole Schubert has been in the field of education in Wisconsin for the last fifteen years, having taught at both the primary and secondary levels in Fond du Lac County and the past three years as a special education administrator in Green Bay Area Public Schools. During her career, she has been a passionate proponent of equitable education through effective staff collaboration and the implementation of high quality universal instruction with multiple levels of interventions, as she has a strong curriculum and instruction knowledge base. She has firm neurological equity beliefs that all people are born neurodiverse and there is no average; therefore, all students can learn and grow through effective identity based instruction. She sees herself as an advocate and views educational reform through a human lens, which guides her work to best serve the families of Green Bay. Nicole always strives to be on the cutting edge of continuous improvement in public schools for those marginalized, which she does through setting high expectations for equity in education and staying in touch with current research. She is a member of the IDA Wisconsin Branch Board and hopes to bring awareness to dyslexia and teaching others how neurodiversity is a gift, not a disability.

SteinkeKelly Steinke M.A. Ed., NBCT (Appleton)

Kelly Steinke grew up in the Milwaukee area, where she started her career as a special education teacher.  She taught special education, primarily to students with learning disabilities, for almost 20 years in the Midwest, East Coast, and Pacific Northwest. Kelly learned about dyslexia through the advocacy of one of her students.  Because of this, she realized that dyslexia was the reason her twin daughters were struggling in school.  Learning about dyslexia was a turning point.  Kelly pursued training and certification in dyslexia screening and teaching methods so that she could help her daughters and her students using Structured Literacy based approaches. Kelly is passionate about helping students who struggle with reading, writing and spelling.  Kelly is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Exceptional Needs and holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in Education (Administration & Leadership/Director of Spec. Ed.)  Six years ago Kelly founded her company, READ Learning Educational Services, LLC.   She is now a full time business owner.  Her reading clinic is located in Appleton, WI.  In this capacity, she serves the community as a dyslexia and learning specialist. Her professional offerings and advocacy work include free monthly speaking engagements, one-on-one reading and spelling interventions (tutoring), educational consultations, courses on executive functioning skills, Silver Moon Spelling Rules Curriculum and professional development courses for parents and teachers.

Reanee Luetschwager (Kronenwetter)

Reanee Luetschwager has been a Learning Disabilities teacher for over 20 years. She is very passionate about helping students learn to read and improve their skills. When Reanee graduated from college in 1994 with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education, she realized how little she knew about teaching reading to struggling learners, and that she was going to have to seek out resources, strategies, and methods from those who truly understood reading. Reanee was fortunate enough to learn OG methods through training and certification in The Wilson Reading System Level I. She continues to embrace her training and seek out research-based reading knowledge and techniques to improve her teaching skills. Reanee received her Masters Degree in School Counseling in 2005 and her Wisconsin Reading Teacher License in 2017. She feels honored to be a part of the IDA- Wisconsin Branch, and looks forward to learning and making positive changes in the area of dyslexia.

Dara Atandare (Milwaukee)                                                                                                                            Director

A Milwaukee Native, Dara Atandare has worked in public education for 27 years. She is an advocate of high quality education experiences for students and families who are traditionally underrepresented or marginalized. She views her work in education as vocational and is humbled to have discovered her life’s purpose early on. Dara began her career in the Milwaukee Public School District where she worked for 25 years and is currently beginning her 3rd year with the Green Bay Area School District. Dara is certified in 6-12 with an emphasis on EBD and SLD. She holds licenses for Principal and Director of Special Education and Pupil Services. She is ABD with a concentration in culturally responsive teaching. Dara aims to empower others to unleash the potential they have within and to realize their dreams. Her belief is that through education specifically Reading, students served can receive the critical skill set needed to navigate the terrain of society empowered to make purposeful meaningful choices and decisions. She is married with two adult children and 1 grandchild.

April Kaiser (Mosinee)                                                                                                                                  Director

April is a mom of three active sons, one of which was diagnosed with dyslexia in July of 2018. Through the process of getting her son diagnosed she became passionate to learn more about dyslexia so she could help her son through his struggles at school. April joined the IDA WI branch to help grow her knowledge on this very important topic and to try and make a difference. She wants parents and their children to know they are not alone and there is help out there for them.  April graduated from Carroll College with a degree in graphic communications and from UW-Oshkosh with an MBA.

Donna Hejtmanek (Harshaw)                                                                                                                       Director

Donna Hejtmanek is a retired educator (2018) with 41 years in education. She is a former special education resource teacher, transition specialist, and reading specialist certified in Level 1 Wilson Reading Systems. In 2004, Donna and her family moved from suburban Chicago to central Wisconsin. Since then, she has served as a board member and president of the Literacy Task Force of Northern Wisconsin, served on the Read to Lead Council (4 years) and most recently on the Legislative Council Study Committee on the Identification and Management of Dyslexia. Donna is committed to helping ALL teachers and students in Wisconsin learn to read using the science of reading pedagogy
and looks forward to working with the talented and committed board members of WI-IDA.

Carrie Begalke, MS, CCC-SLP, CALP (Oconomowoc)

Carrie Begalke, M.S. CCC-SLP, has worked as a speech language pathologist for 25+ years serving children with language and literacy difficulties.  She has worked for 23 years in the public-schools and also tutors students privately.  She became certified as an Academic Language Practitioner in 2016 and as a Dyslexia Interventionist through the International Dyslexia Association in 2017.  She has a strong interest in the link between language and literacy and knows that reading is the basis for a student’s success.  She promotes research-based reading methods and strives to be a resource for others in learning these methods.  Carrie is looking forward to serving on the WIBIDA board.  She is married and has two adult daughters as well as a cocker spaniel and a golden retriever.  Carrie enjoys reading, running, boating, and travelling in her spare time.

Legislative Committee

  • Donna Hejtmanek, Chair (Harshaw)
  • Mary Brod (Madison)
  • Anne Malone (Madison)
  • Pam Heyde (Verona)
  • Mary Newton (Milwukee)

Membership & Communications Committee

  • Brigid Ryan, Chair (Fitchburg)
  • April Kaiser, Newsletter (Mosinee)
  • Pattie Huse, Social Media (Eau Claire)

Conference & Education Committee

  • Loucricia Carson, Chair (Milwaukee)
  • Tammy Tillotson (Chippewa Falls)
  • Dara Atandare (Milwaukee)

Resource & Referral Committee

  • Kelly Steinke, Chair (Appleton)
  • Mary Brod (Madison)

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Kimberly Chan, Chair (Madison)
  • Vicki Dunham (Franklin)

Nominating Committee

  • Libby Wallace, Chair (Menomonie)

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